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An action RPG with a retro-futuristic setting

Adventures in Outer Space is an action RPG set in the future envisioned in the 1950s. The player controls a spaceship, and proceeds through a series of procedurally generated star systems, destroying enemy ships, collecting loot, and completing quests. As they gain experience, they gain skill points which they can spend on a skill tree, giving their character a range of abilities according to a pre-determined plot. Destroying enemy ships may drop loot which can be sold at a space station, or equipped to improve the player's ship.

This game is my passion project, and while the core of the game is mostly complete, there is a lot of work left to be done in terms of design and content creation. This project has taught me a lot, especially about serialization. A great deal of information needs to be saved with an RPG, and it has some complicated systems, most of which need to behave fluently when the game is saved and then reloaded. I also learned a lot about AI; initially, I created an AI that used a priority queue to create complicated behaviours that could change quickly based on environment input, and could coordinate in groups. Ultimately, I chose to reduce the scope of the project, and much of the AI complexity was reduced.